Why we practice every day

20 Jun

Colorado Springs Gary allen Guitar Studios

Colorado Springs Gary Allen Guitar Studios

The musical world is like a bowl. It holds all of the notes that a player will use. They can come to the bowl and take whatever musical sounds that they want to play with. The irony of the bowl is that a player can only take out what they have been willing to put into the bowl.

Players invest time in the study of scales and rhythm. Their daily practice routines fill the bowl with technique and musical ideas. The rewards are small at first and may seem unnoticeable. There will be some practice sessions where everything seems perfect and suddenly guitar playing becomes very easy. Then there will be days where the amp sounds like glass breaking and the guitar feels like a piece of salvage wood. Players have to remember that it doesn’t matter if the practice session feels good or bad. The end result is that you put something musical into the bowl.

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