How to fix a guitar playing problem

13 Jun

The first step to fixing any problem in your playing is to be aware that one exists. Listen carefully when you practice for any unusual sounds. Buzzes, pops, and rattles in many cases are player related and can be eliminated. Other problems can be traced back to the instrument. Take your guitar to a repairman if that should be the case.

Today’s post is about player error and how to track it down and fix it.Once you become aware of a problem the next step is to fix it. The key is to play the problem part as slow as possible and listen carefully to the nature of the sound. Is it finger noise? Maybe it is fret or string noise when the string bounces off of the fret.

Another area of concern is called the flam. Flams occur when the left and right hands are not synchronized. If the right hand picks the string before the left hand has completely fretted the it will result in two sounds. This is undesirable and has to be fixed. Many times the only way to become aware of playing problems is to slow down, The only way to fix them permanently is to slow down so that you can fix the problem and then bring the phrase back up to speed.

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