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So we have a new toy that has been designed to hopefully bring in fledgeling guitarists by the thousands. The GTAR allows the beginning guitarist to place their iphone into the body of a specially designed guitar like thing and instantly start riffing like their most beloved guitar hero. Little lights flash on the fingerboard and spoon feed the player into playing something that might sound like music. I am not going to apologize. I hate this crap. An artist holes up in a room and learns their craft. Painters experiment with paint. They combine colors and techniques in an effort to find what pleases the eye.

Musicians sit in cramped, windowless rooms and play scales. We learn chords so that we can play progressions and learn how to move people in emotional ways. Notes are combined, and taken apart, and then re-combined in as many different ways that we can dream of. These things are not learned by chasing pretty lights around a fingerboard on a guitar. If all you want to hear is music that is played by rote, go buy a C.D.

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You love guitars but what do you do first


The first thing you have to do is decide on what style of guitar you like. There are some basic styles like the Gibson Les Paul or the Fender Strat. Players usually pick their first guitar based on what their favorite guitar player plays. Each guitar has its own sound and feel. That is what makes playing guitar so much fun and a sub-culture all its own. The first time you enter a guitar store you will hear words like “rosewood fingerboard”, “solid spruce top”.  The very first thing you must do is pick up a guitar and run your hand up and down the neck, and feel the satin finish applied at the factory. Gaze at the body finish and watch the body paint transform into thousands of sparkles as the spotlights hit the guitar. Then you can engage in the magic rite that legions of guitarists before you have participated in. Find a amp, plug in a cable, turn it up, and let out a rebel yell.

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How to help your kid practice

Ask them to play for you. Don’t ask to hear them practice. No player wants other people to hear them practice. We know that the piece is full of mistakes and probably sounds awful. If a parent just says ,hey, Johnny, play that little piece for me. It sounds kind of cool. I like it. He will probably as which piece you are talking about. You then have to hum a note or two to get him going. The point is to get him to take out the music and start playing. It really does not matter which piece he plays. After that piece is finished, point to another piece and ask him to play it. The most important piece of this time is not to give constructive criticism. Your only job is to get him to play.

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You bought a guitar, what now?

I imagine that guitars call people for many different reasons. Some might see it as a way to reach fame and fortune. Someone else might see it as way to increase their social status. Whatever your reason, rest assured, it will probably be be quite strong and last your entire life. The best way to approach the guitar is to just pick it up and start playing. Play it as much as possible. It will get easier the more that you pick it up and experiment.

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Why do I play guitar?

A guitar will return everything that a person wants to give it. It will also reward exploration. Many hours can be spent on the instrument chasing patterns and unlocking musical mysteries. The guitar presents challenges that no other instrument has. The first being duplicated notes. The piano has one note in one place, period. The same note on the guitar, sometimes can be played in five different places. Each one of those places will have a slightly different sound, giving the player a choice of sound colors to work with.

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Wanna Play?

There is no greater buzz in the world than picking up a guitar, and plugging in into a amplifier, and giving it all you’ve got. When that sound jumps out of the amp for the very first time and wraps itself around your head, you know you’re never going to put the thing down.

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